Kalevala Koru hinged bracelet ~ early design


by: Kalevala Koru, Finland, 1940

designer: Johan Ferdinand Henriksson

materials: 813 silver  

size: 5/8" wide

          inside diameter 2 1/2" x just over 2 1/4"

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It is engraved on the inside "Annikki 3.III.42".

In 1937 Kalevala Koru began selling jewellery. Originally they had only 40 designs based on historic pieces of jewellery, but by 1947 there were more than 300 designs. Over time their historic jewellery designs have been joined by more modern designs. During the period 1937-1941 Kalevala Koru used the design mark of a K inside a square with a serrated base. 


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