Christie Antique Show - permanently CANCELLED

update May 14, 2022: The Christie Show is gone.

We were crushed to be told this week that the Christie Show is being permanently cancelled by the Hamilton Conservation Authority, who have been running it for the past several years. For us personally, it means the end of over 30 years of being part of one of the most vibrant, intense, glorious antique shows Canada has to offer. Our booth, K-4, was my mum's booth until she retired, and I've been there ever since... 

I do hope that somehow, some way, we'll have a chance to run into some of our many, many friends, colleagues and wonderful Christie customers. I'm so sorry we weren't allowed a final show to say so long and celebrate the years and years of history we've all had together.


 K-4 from previous Christie Antique & Vintage Shows ~


Samantha Howard Vintage at the Christie Antique Vintage Show Spring 2017


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