Hattie Carnegie extra long chain necklace


by: Hattie Carnegie, USA

materials: sterling silver deposit (heavy plate)

size: links 1 3/8" x just under 1/4"

          45" long - single strand

                           - doubled up for the photographs

shipping: we're pleased to offer a flat shipping rate of $5 for any piece of jewellery ($7.50 for more than one piece) on all North American purchases. Please contact us for a quote for delivery outside North America.

We spent a good deal of time researching online to see if we could discover what the "P.H.S.D" stands for, but with no solid results. There was one piece of a similar style in silver which retained its original tag which reads, "heavy sterling silver deposit", but nothing to fully decipher the acronym. If there are any Hattie Carnegie specialists out there who could let me know, I'd be grateful :)

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